Naidu Mess - City Railway Station Bangalore

Call: 09972588263

Naidu Mess has the freshest South Indian Veg and Non Veg food Near By just 200 meter from City Railway Station and Mejestic !

About Us

Delicious, healthy, affordable and fresh food for you and your family. That's what's on our menu – and we are glad you've stopped by for a little taste.


We offer you and your family delectable fully cooked meals to eat at our cozy café or to take with you. You can also pick out a ready-to-cook dish or two. We can tailor a meal just for you, and of course, we also cater events large and small. we also serve Veg and non on all the variates specially Chicken and Mottan Beriyani, Chicken Kabab, Chappathi with Chicken curry, Chicken Fry and South Indian Meals

South Indian Veg Meals Only Rs. 60/-  ( Unlimited )                             Rice, Sambar, Rasam, Papad, Card, Palliya, Two Chappathi, and Veg Curry. Served in Banana Leaves

South Indian Non Veg Meals Rs. 90/-  ( Unlimited )                                  Rice, Chicken Curry, Sambar, Rasam, Papad, Card, Palliya, Two Chappathi, and Veg Curry. Served in Banana Leaves

Chappathi 2 No's With Chicken Curry Rs. 60/-                 Extra Chappathi Rs 10/- Each  

Chicken Briyani Full Rs.150/- Half Rs. 80/-                                                  We Also under Take Orders and Deliver at your Door step Minimum Order value should be Rs 1500/- and above with in Bangalore 

Take a look at our menu, and come visit us. Bon appétit!

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Our food is all made with natural, fresh ingredients that we source locally. Let us know if you have dietary restrictions - our friendly staff will help you find just the meal you want.

Customer Reviews

"Home made, very Tasty and Best in the City." -- Vijay, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore

"Cheap and Best just you cant stop coming back." -- shashikumar, Cottonpet, Bangalore

13, 7th cross, k k lane, cottonpet, Bangalore, Karnataka | 09972588263

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